ZCA Stack

ZCA Stack helps you to apparently achieve greater results by using the right ingredients to burn more fat and only fat in some cases.

They were formerly known as ECA Stack in the ephedrine era, and unlike other ephedrine age products, they went back to the drawing board before coming up with a new formula. They apparently decided that their original formula was perfect minus ephedra and so replaced only one ingredient.


They chose the right ingredient. They chose Advantra-Z, which has been recognized as a powerful and effective alternative to ma huang in recent years, but without the side effects.

ZCA Stack

Basically speaking, unlike others, ZCA Stack took the time to do their research before coming back.

They didn’t rush back with a caffeine laden formula that didn’t work. They did their research and found out that interestingly enough, they were already basically speaking on the right track, which is why they were one of the top products in the extremely competitive days of ma huang.


  • It has caffeine, so it could cause those side effects, though it is unlikely.


We would highly recommend ZCA Stack. It has the right ingredients, the right amounts, and its simple formula is capable of powerful things.

ZCA Stack has shown itself to work among consumers, and just as it was the most popular ephedrine based product, now it is among the most popular of new products.

ZCA Stack is one of a kind, one of the only we’ve seen to actually overcome the problems of being a former ephedra product. They have amazingly enough come back stronger than ever before.