Xyphedrine manipulates the relationship between CART and NPY, two relatively recently introduced hormones in the body. They say that CART is the good guy and NPY the bad.Sometimes, it just seems like your body is constantly working against you. It seems like it is actually working to stop your results, even though you are doing all of the right things: dieting and exercising like you should, sometimes using cheat days to offset it, consulting with professional trainers and nutritionists, and even using popular diet pills. They say that CART and NPY are to blame.

When NPY is active, it will slow down the metabolism, increase appetite, lower energy levels, and otherwise work to sabotage you.

On the other hand, when CART is more active, you will be able to have just the opposite effect. And when they work together in a certain balance, you will be able to see the results that you should be able to see, even becoming one of those people who everybody envies if you get lucky enough.

  • That doesn’t work for everybody. But does Xyphedrine actually work?


Xyphedrine has a novel idea, and it comes through. We are not sure how the hormones work. But we can refer to clinical studies, and the clinical studies suggest that the ingredients used in Xyphedrine can actually promote significant weight loss results.


They use ingredients like synephrine, which has been compared to ephedrine in all its power and glory.

  • But it has never been banned, and this chemical cousin of ephedrine can actually promote weight loss without serious side effects.

They also use phenylethylamine, which has been compared to prescription Phentermine. Xyphedrine is an extremely simple formula. We have been relatively surprised by all that it can potentially provide. And it seems to actually bother using the clinically proven amounts of things.


  • Xyphedrine has no cons that we see.


While the idea of CART and NPY is new, Xyphedrine uses age old approaches that are clinically proven and vastly used and unfortunately abused. When it comes to something like Xyphedrine, you can be sure that you are getting the ultimate quality in weight loss supplements.

While we would all like weight loss to be easy, at the very least, we would like to be rewarded for our good behavior, and Xyphedrine is just the way to achieve that effect.

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