Xenadrine products are popular among many. They have various products even including one for those 40 and up. But they are best known for the rumors about boot camps and other serious institutions using their product. They claim extreme fat burning results and sell through sites such as bodybuilding.com. Of course, realistically, these are all just rumors. The question is just, do they actually provide any known benefits? Is it possible?


They use interesting ingredients, and in some cases, they are affiliated with the idea of weight loss.

Therefore, ideally speaking, you could see greater results were they to actually use the right amounts.

Most are based on caffeine such as green tea, coffee bean extract, and some also have according and related antioxidant benefits.



Xenadrine doesn’t have the right ingredients at all in some of their formulas, and in others they lack the right amounts.

  • In most cases, there are quite a few forms of caffeine and therefore quite a few side effects.

But they ironically don’t use the right amounts required for even those results. And realistically speaking, they have actually been reported to cause a number of caffeine related side effects and problems in general.

It basically means that Xenadrine would cause other greater problems than any possible benefits.


  • We would not recommend using Xenadrine products.

They will not show you the results you are looking for, and you will not see greater weight loss. These products are all based on faulty premises, and they do not change just because you would like them to considering how much you actually paid.