Xenadrine Ripped

Xenadrine Ripped relies heavily on 2 major studies, showing a weight loss of 21 pounds in 12 week as opposed to 1.7 in the placebo group, and 8X the weight loss in 8 weeks in another study.

Xenadrine Ripped is designed to build muscles, burn fat, and increase energy at the same time for the best workouts possible! According to ads, you can finally get the defined lean muscle mass that you deserve!Let’s look a little deeper to find out more about Xenadrine Ripped.

What We Like About Xenadrine Ripped

Xenadrine Ripped has 2 major clinical studies that prove it can work.

We assume the second study was conducted on caffeine, which has been clinically proven to burn fat and increase energy multiple times.

Buttheir strongest study was conducted on the combination of 4 ingredients.

Xenadrine Ripped

On their own, they have never demonstrated anything even close to weight loss results. But when combined, they showed significant reductions in BMI.

  • And none of these have been associated with the extreme side effects of ingredients like ephedrine.

What We Don’t Like About Xenadrine Ripped

  • Xenadrine Ripped may cite studies. But they have fabricated a number of details.

The average user of the 4 ingredient product reduced their BMI by 1-3% in 12 weeks. This was significantly greater than the placebo. But it does not add up to 21 pounds. They never named numbers in pounds.

Even if they got the basic details of the study right, all of the ingredients are supposed to be account for in just 434mg.

  • You need at least 400mg of caffeine alone to promote fat burning or other weight loss results.

They definitely do not have the amounts of the other 4 ingredients which have been proven to promote weight loss.

Does Xenadrine Ripped Work?

Xenadrine Ripped is the first and currently the only diet pill to use a unique and clinically proven blend of alchemilla vulgaris extract, olea europaea extract, cuminum cyminum extract, and mentha longifolia extract.

But it takes more than a few good ingredients to do the job right. There are many other factors such as the amounts used that factor in.

In the case of Xenadrine Ripped, you will find that you do not get the clinically proven amounts of anything used. And it can still cause some problems with caffeine in some users.