Xanthadrene claims to be the ultimate and revolutionary fat burner that you deserve and everybody deserves to find. They sell through a company known as Newton-Everett, and they claim that this formula will finally help you to achieve fat burning, especially around the abdomen. They appeal to the common consumer by talking about belly fat, and you have to wonder, can they actually do it. After all, many have talked about it and not actually come through.


They have the proven ingredient known as green tea. Green tea has more studies supporting its efficacy than any other ingredient known to the diet market including many prescription ingredients interestingly enough.



They don’t have the proven amounts green tea would require, and frankly speaking, their other ingredients have nothing to do with weight loss at all.

This being said, you would be far better off using something else. After all, who wants to really use a hyped up ingredient that doesn’t do anything? And who wants to suffer side effects without even seeing the results to balance it out?

Newton Everett is not particularly dangerous as a company. But they are not particularly reliable either.


  • While their advertising of course seems appealing, as they want it to be, advertising does not make an effective diet pill.

Ingredients, combinations, and amounts make an effective diet pill. With this in mind, you can find something better and something actually effective and proven on our top products. This formula is expensive and the products that work often cost about the same amount.