Wu-Yi Pixie Pack

Wu-Yi Pixie Pack is a formula made to help you to not only burn fat, but specifically speaking to burn belly fat. They claim that Wu-Yi Pixie Pack will finally help you to get the greater weight loss and health benefits that you are looking for, and the question is, does Wu-Yi Pixie Pack actually work? Does Wu-Yi Pixie Pack actually help you to burn belly fat like they claim?


They do have some good ingredients.

For example, they have green tea and oolong tea, which are rich in both antioxidants and caffeine for fat burning.

Likewise, they do have citrimax, which can burn fat.

Wu-Yi Pixie Pack


They do not have the right amounts of anything. Without clinically proven amounts, the simple fact is that you will not see any weight loss results.

  • This being said, they don’t even use half of what would be needed of each individual ingredient. Likewise, they don’t name all of their ingredients, meaning they are hiding them for a reason.


They do a lot of things for a reason. They don’t disclose all of the ingredients. They also use a free trial offer scam to sell their product.

But realistically, it turns into an expensive auto ship, meaning that you ultimately speaking will not see results and you will be stuck buying this product that you already know does not work months later.

So obviously, we would recommend that you find something else. Something else is likely to actually give you what you would need that you will not find here.