Previously promoted by Anna Nicole Smith, Trimspa is a product that uses the catch phrase “be envied.” They claim that every female dieter can get the results you want, and they now have various products being sold to the public.

However, there has been some concern as to the safety of Trimspa among consumers due to the fact that Anna Nicole Smith died, and of course some would speculate that it had something to do with Trimspa.

But one could say that it’s possible that ultimately speaking, Anna Nicole Smith died of prescription overdoses and she did on the good side really use Trimspa to make that big transformation.


They actually use some proven ingredients in their formulas such as glucomannan, green tea, and citrus naringen.

These could help you to burn more fat and see more results in general terms while suppressing appetite with glucomannan.



They don’t actually use the right amounts of each given ingredient to produce greater results.

  • This will not help you to see results, and unfortunately, it would still cause greater side effects and problems, which is definitely not what the common consumer wants. Ideally you want a product that actually works.

And of course, using the right amounts is absolutely elemental to this.


We would not recommend Trimspa products. They are deficient in every way and will not show you the results you are looking for.

They work with some undesirable side effects, and we would highly suggest finding something else. With something else, you might be able to get results and not side effects. With this, we can guarantee you won’t.