The Fallacy of Acai

Acai has recently been proclaimed to do everything from reducing weight to cleansing the body to actually reducing wrinkles. It is one of the top 10 superfoods, and there are some who have proclaimed it to be the #1 superfood in general, though this has not actually been said by Dr Perricone, Oprah, or any other public figurehead or professional in general.

Still, in part because you can’t actually obtain anything but a powder outside of Brazil, its popularity has significantly grown over a short period of time, partly because it is a superfood and superfoods are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and various benefits in general.

So here is the truth.

The pulp of acai actually has a considerable concentration of antioxidants which will help your skin to fight off free radicals as well as the rest of your body to fight off free radicals.

Free radicals are often responsible for dull skin and premature aging in general.

So this can definitely help you.

The Fallacy of Acai

They specifically compare it to red wine and grapes, which quite frankly have an inconsequential amount of antioxidants when you are comparing them to something like blueberries, as does acai.

But acai is also a fruit that happens to be high in monounsaturated or good fatty acids, dietary fibers, and phytosterols which promote greater cardiovascular health, digestive health, and properly moisturized skin, which is important because part of the reason for aging is the loss of moisture in the skin as you age in general.

But as far as all the claims made about it, here’s the truth.

Acai is not a #1 superfood or superfruit for that matter.

  1. It does have amino acids and fatty acids, which most fruits frankly do not.
  2. But in terms of its antioxidant power, which is the most consequential to your skin and aging process, blueberries and various other fruits have higher concentrations by leaps and bounds, therefore making them actually better for your skin in general.
  3. But this is not to say that acai is not good for your skin, just not as good as some other fruits in general including quite a few superfruits and superfoods in general.

Second, there is a big misconception concerning many acai based products.

  • The high majority of them use a “free trial offer.
  • ” This is a common ploy, and they make outrageous claims in general, which is another common ploy.
  • Frankly, you would need collagen and elastin production to reduce wrinkles, antioxidants only really protect it from further premature aging, not the natural aging caused by genetics or otherwise.
  • Free trial offers inevitably lead to expensive auto ships, and while we would question the presence of any acai in some of these products, the ones that do have it have extremely small amounts that would not provide you with any benefits.

The fact is that acai is beneficial. There is no denying that. The question is more concerning the range of its benefits and the efficacy of products that use it in general.

The products that capitalize on it don’t have anything to offer. It’s fine if you use acai.

But to base an entire product on it, especially if you are going to make claims surrounding aging among other things, is foolish at best.