Summer Camps & Weight Loss

Like it or not, it’s a good thing to get your kids involved in summer camps, in activities, in sports, etc. It gets them started early on really getting into activities, and it’s really a better thing in general. I went to these camps as a kid.

One of them was more of a science camp where we dissected things, went on treks through swamps, I didn’t even know there were swamps in Arizona as a kid, who knew right.

Of course I didn’t end up staying in that area for long. But what can we say, there are various things everywhere. We had pet ferrets, and frankly a lot of what we did surprisingly enough for a science camp was hiking. Granted, that was not really a repeat camp.

But in other camps I went to, they had classes about certain things, but a lot of our time was spent up and about doing something like water fights, sports, etc. This was before there was a whole “obesity epidemic” even.

  • But my mom was ahead of the curve I guess.

She initially signed us up for dance classes, because my dad wasn’t doing it.

  • He was more into taking us hiking and doing all the boy stuff, even though he denies it to a larger degree.

He was the reason dolls got destroyed when he later on tried to get them. But whether your kids are signing up for dance classes, summer camps, sports teams, or hiking, it’s not a bad idea to get them into those activities early.