Stimerex ES

Stimerex ES claims to be the formula that will decimate fat and bring back all the benefits we know come with ephedra. They claim it’s a unique formula proven to actually help you to shed away body fat and increase your energy for greater workouts at the same time. They talk about the various benefits and an easy plan. The question is, does it actually all work out?


This formula has some proven ingredients.

We like the use of synephrine as an ephedrine alternative. There is some degree of potential there, and frankly speaking, synephrine could potentially burn fat, increase metabolism, etc.

Likewise, green tea has its fat burning benefits as well as its antioxidant benefits. It has been proposed as the ultimate alternative to ephedrine.

Stimerex ES


They use a tiny 580mg proprietary blend. There are various other ingredients in the blend, and green tea alone requires 400mg.

Likewise, caffeine requires at least 400mg, but they say on that one that they only use 80mg. Ephedrine does not actually promote weight loss in small amounts like 25mg. But it still has the potential to cause side effects. Moreover, yohimbine even in amounts as small as 10mg has been known to cause various problems.


  • This formula is much too risky to say the least.

There are no actual benefits, and frankly speaking, your money would be entirely wasted. We would not recommend it just due to the possible health problems. But this being said, there are plenty of other options out there that would definitely be better.