Starting A Diet

Sometimes the hardest part of dieting is just getting started. We say we are going to start at this time, and then when that time rolls around, we either forget or something comes up like the holidays, family vacation, or some other excuse why we are not allowed to start our diet. But there are a few things to do if you are trying to really start a serious diet and stop making excuses.

  • The first is to stop making excuses, obvious right? Own up to your responsibilities and why it is you are failing.
  • Second, know what your goals are. If you know which direction you are headed in, you are much more likely to succeed.
Starting A Diet

Third, you need to understand your personality as it relates to losing weight.

Do you do it impulsively just suddenly deciding it needs to be done, do you not pay attention as much as you should when you’re dieting, are you too uptight always getting on yourself for small slip ups.

In order to correct the things that you are doing wrong, you have to know what they are. Otherwise, you can’t expect it to turn right.
Fourth, increase your diet and exercise, it’s logical. And finally, make firm commitments. None of this wishy washy stuff, just commit to it and actually do it.