Slimquick is a line of products targeted toward the female dieter. They claim that you can see even greater results should you use this line of products and it will give you everything you want and need.

They even have several different formulas meant to get you tied in. But mainly speaking, this particular product has been advertised through TV commercials using stick figures. The question is, does it actually work as a grocery store product line or is it just a waste of time?


They have various different products. This means that their products supposedly and ideally take different directions for different dieters. Slimquick products are well known and they are sold through various CVS pharmacies across the world at this time, meaning you have a wide availability and typically cheap prices.



  • They don’t have the right combinations or amounts of ingredients.

For example, even their cleanse is just a simple mix of diuretics. Diuretics do not cleanse the body, but they do actually cause side effects of various types.

Their other formulas follow the same basic patterns not using real weight loss ingredients and causing various side effects. They basically have a different formula for every need. But none of them end up fulfilling any kind of need!


  • Like many other big lines of products, the Slimquick line is not sufficient to produce greater results.

It doesn’t help you to lose weight or really to do anything else, and you won’t see greater benefits. You will only see greater frustration. And honestly speaking, the side effects associated with it are without question not acceptable.