Slim Image

Slim Image is the product made on a computer screen. Have you ever used those little computer programs meant to show you what your hair would look like or what your makeup would look like without actually having to cut it, dye it, etc? I tried those, and my hair looked basically like they had put a plastic shell over my head meant to look like some kind of oddly colored hair. It was a bit scary.

But anyway, the idea with this is that if you look at the picture of the new and thinner you, you will motivate to you to behave so that you can look like that. Wouldn’t it be just as effective for a family member to stretch a picture and tell you that’s what you really look like now?


This product is relatively safe, no side effects, no risk of throwing up or not liking the food as they don’t provide food, exercise, or diet pills.

Slim Image


They don’t have any diets, exercise plans, diet pills, or otherwise WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT! It sounds appealing, just get some helpful motivation and you can magically drop away the pounds.

It doesn’t work that way. I would like to look like Carmen Electra. But I’m never going to, because I don’t have her bone structure, height, and various other things. So no matter how many pictures I look at of her it’s not going to happen.

Likewise, motivation really only goes so far when it comes to pictures and weight loss. People have done this before without a computer, with old pictures and such, and it doesn’t work!


  • We can see the logic to some degree. People think all I have to do is to see myself thin, and then it will give me something to work towards.

No, it doesn’t work that way. The average Joe will never succeed using that method of action. This being said, Slim Image is charging you a lot for something you could do on your own home computer by sliding the bars, for free! So we would not recommend wasting time and money here.