Slim 400

Slim 400 claims that you will finally be able to get the appetite suppression, craving suppression, and otherwise weight loss results that you are looking for. They claim that Slim 400 is the best possible formula for all of your needs, and ultimately speaking, you will burn away the pounds and shed away your problems.

They talk about one active ingredient, and they claim that this will solve all your problems. Of course, you should never rely on just one ingredient or just one approach. But they talk about having the ultimate ingredient to negate that.


They do not have any real pros.


They don’t disclose their ingredients list. Wait, they say they do. They say that they use hoodia gordonii P57.

Slim 400

But hoodia cannot be exported from South Africa, and Hoodia P57 does not exist as the lab that never finished developing it because they ran out of funding with not one successful clinical study.

  • This being said, they don’t have any other legitimate ingredients, and honestly speaking, they don’t have anything to their name.

Most legitimate appetite suppressants require at least 1000mg, and they only claim to use 400mg. So obviously, even if hoodia did work, they would not have enough.


We would not recommend bothering with Slim 400. It is a waste of time and money, and it will not give you any of the greater results and benefits that you would need. There are far better alternatives than Slim 400,some even use ingredients that can be found in the United States or other countries! And we would definitely recommend that you look into those instead.