SlenderEX is the ultimate fat burner and metabolic booster that will help even the most stubborn people to lose weight and eliminate fat. Yes, chances are that you have failed before. Chances are that you have not seen the results you actually wanted before, because you did not have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or something else. But they say that SlenderEX is different. SlenderEX can finally make the difference. But are they really all that different?


They have an ingredient known as Advantra-Z. This patented ingredient has replaced ephedrine, and some would even say that it has eclipsed it. If used properly, this can burn fat, increase metabolism, increase energy, and suppress appetite all at the same time.



They don’t actually list a full ingredients list.

They focus on Advantra-Z, hoping you won’t really ask any questions. This being said, they don’t actually list any other ingredients, because they don’t have any other effective ingredients.

And they definitely don’t have the amounts needed of their ingredients, including Advantra-Z. However, they may have some ingredients that would cause potentially serious side effects. So this is definitely one to look out for.


  • We would not recommend using SlenderEX.

It does not show you the results you want or need, and SlenderEX is a waste of time and money. It does not have the right ingredients, and it definitely does not have the right amounts. SlenderEX may cause potentially serious side effects, and so obviously, especially with no results to balance it out, we would definitely suggest that you find something else.