Signs Of An Eating Disorder

Now someone I know can’t admit that he has a problem. In fact he insists that cutting his meals down to 6 meals per day that consist of maybe one bite of food is healthy. It’s not healthy, it’s anorexic, especially when those are all extremely low calorie foods.

It’s not even the HCG 500 calories, which is rather ridiculous on its own. But that being said, he shows obviously that symptom of an eating disorder along with the idea that he is fat even though his back and front ribs are severely sticking out.

He compares himself to those with much smaller bone structures and talks about how he should be as skinny as them, when it doesn’t work that way. He also talks about their eating habits, when you can’t expect to have the same metabolism and body as even family members.

But one of the biggest signs of an eating disorder I’ve seen in him is that quite literally he cannot talk about anything but his fat and weight loss efforts.

This is a recent thing.
I love him to death, and he’s funny really he is. But he avoids social situations if he can, especially with eating, and he cannot talk about anything else.

  • He comes in, and though he tries to later insist that I brought it up, all he talks about is weight loss. I even try to change the subject, and he maybe lasts one sentence at best. I haven’t documented this officially. But honestly speaking, it’s signs to look for.