Ranking Process

While the thousands of diet pill companies all claiming their product is the best on the market, we have found that taking their word for it might not be the best way to find a safe and effective diet pill.

Let us to the hard part by performing countless hours of research and analysis on the top diet pills on the market.

Because let’s face it, we are talking about your health.

Using our thorough research methodology and rigorous testing process, we have analyzed each and every product with absolute care by doing the following:

The Most revent scientific findings and research
Provide a thorough evaluation of ingridients; comparing side effects, effectiveness, and risks
Compiling thousands of user reviews
Rate the best diet pills in each weight loss category

After careful research and consideration, we have reviewed hundreds of the top diet pills on the market and placed them in the applicable categories and ranked them based on our 5 point criteria:

1. Weight Loss Power

  • A lot of diet pills advertise and make very unrealistic claims.
  • Although it is very tempting to take their word, it is important to do the research that helps you substantiate weight loss claims.

With years of experience under our belt from the top experts, we have determined which diet pills have the power to help you lose weight fast. We have looked to ingredient analysis, overall harmony of the formula, and ingredient amounts to determine whether the diet pill has the weight loss power to deliver results.

2. Speed of Results

  • The first impression can make or break relationships.
  • The few days of using a product can be bliss or disappointment.

Particularly, in the diet pill industry, consumers usually stay on a product for no more than 10 days before deciding to continue or discontinue using these products. Since many do not have the patience to wait and see, we let you know what to be prepared for. Since all of you love the speed of results, we made this an important factor to consider. We have measured and analyzed how quickly you will see weight loss results

3. Product Safety and Known Side Effects

  • You’ve heard the horror stories.
  • Stomach aches, gas, stroke, heart attacks, headaches, and even resulting in death.

With the increasing warnings and bans by the FDA, it is apparent that there can be many dangerous side effects from certain products with chemical ingredients have resulted in multiple deaths and several cases of severe side effects. Because of the dangers involved, we have made it our utmost importance to research and identified the products with and without side effects and given you what to watch out for.

4. Long Term Results

  • With something as important as your body, you always want to be careful with what you put into it.

Some say immediate results are all you want, but most want to maintain any and all weight loss results. The longer the better. Our findings and research was targeted to not only see what products can show short term results, but also last forever. We help you find products that can produce both short term and long term results.

5. Overall Value

  • With the wide variety of weight loss categories, quality and brands, there are hundreds if not thousands of weight loss products all claiming to do the same thing.

With many different products and prices, consumers end up losing hundreds of dollars on products that simply do not work. We have identified the different tricks of the trade and found the best products at the best prices. We can help you determine if a product is of great value or just too good to be true.