Qnexa provides you with a new prescription method to losing weight. They use amphetamine class ingredients to suppress appetite.

  • But they also have other ingredients that they say will naturally increase satiety and therefore overall weight loss.

They say that Qnexa will help you to get greater strength than ever before with a low dose oral formula. When it was put up for FDA approval, the FDA board of approval officially turned it down on July 15, 2010.

But the question is why? Yes, they reject hundreds of different prescription options for different ailments every single year.

But the question is, does Qnexa actually have any benefits, and how does Qnexa actually work?

The Helpful

Qnexa received a unanimous vote of approval from the FDA when it comes to benefits. They all agree thatQnexa will promote weight loss when combined ith proper diet and exercise.


The Damage Report

  1. Qnexa does not actually have a formula that’s worth it.
  2. Yes, Phentermine has been clinically proven.
  3. But their other ingredient was originally used as an anti-seizure medication that has actually been known to contribute to further seizures.
  4. But you will also find that their other ingredient has only been proven in questionable studies at best.
  5. And multiple studies have shown that it can actually cause a number of serious side effects such as suicide.
  6. When it comes to Qnexa, you will find that the studies supposedly conducted on Qnexa cannot even determine how it may promote weight loss results.
  7. An ingredient like this has never been used for weight loss before, and while they think they see weight loss, it may well be a fluke.
  8. Even with natural ingredients, they have always been able to determine exactly how speculated and studied ingredients may contribute to greater weight loss results.
  9. Qnexa has quite a few damaging side effects, and the FDA board determined that the problems outweigh the benefits.

Does Qnexa Work?

Qnexa does work. That’s not the problem. The problem is all of the side effects and associated complications. When it comes to Qnexa¸ you will find that it can even contribute to mental issues and heart problems.There is a reason phen fen was banned.

Even though Phentermine by itself is still legal, these things are being banned because of side effects commonly seen with Phentermine. So we would strongly recommend that you find something else that will actually come through.