PrivaTest comes from Trump Network, and they claim that you will finally be able to get all the best results that you are looking for.

They talk ultimately speaking aboutmeasuring urinary levels and hormones as well as markers to tell you if your body is toxic and otherwise things that may be holding your metabolism and therefore your weight loss results back.

They talk about giving you the most scientific approach to really determining your individual needs, and they have other programs that will of course address this once determined as well as future tests in general.



We haven’t found anything good about PrivaTest.



A detox is a good idea for just about anybody. The trick is getting a good detox that works.

Ultimately speaking, you really don’t need a test to tell you this just as you don’t need a test to tell you if nitric oxide precursors would help you to ultimately improve energy as well as workouts in general.

But these are the things that they talk about testing for in your pee. You aren’t going to find these indicators there, plain and simple. So ultimately speaking, you are just wasting a massive amount of money on something that does not ultimately speaking matter.


  • We would not recommend using PrivaTest.

It will not help you to see any greater results or benefits, and obviously it will not come through on anything else. When it comes down to it, PrivaTest is just another waste of time and money stemming from Trump Network. This being said, they rely on the Trump name rather than actually giving you something that is even the beginning of being applicable.