Primal Force Primal Lean

Primal Force Primal Lean promises you amazing weight loss results. Have you ever imagined losing weight without having to go on extreme diets or anything else? Well they claim you can.

We would obviously and always suggest that you go through a lifestyle change rather than a diet, because you do have to maintain results for the rest of your life optimally speaking. And moreover, there is the fact that in all honesty, you should be exercising. So to say that you can do it without diet and exercise, it’s questionable as to misunderstandings and otherwise.


They have a winning formula as far as the ingredients go. Irvingia gabonesis is an ingredient we have seen in only a few products thus far, and so far we have actually been impressed by it. We also like the use of the again stimulant free garcinia gambogia.

Primal Force Primal Lean


We do question the use of an ingredient called fucoxanthin. On one hand, it does have clinical studies.

On the other hand, all of those studies were conducted on rats, and who really thinks that rats react the same way as humans? Multiple contradictory studies have shown that this is not true.

This being said, they don’t seem to use the right amounts of the ingredient we are most impressed by, and all in all, we aren’t so sure about this one.


  • Primal Force Primal Lean is more impressive than the average.

Still, we aren’t particularly sure that it will work. We have seen things that indicate in some ways that it may show the greater results you are looking for. However, we would hold out for more evidence, more information in general, etc.