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Why is Phenterpril this year’s “Best Selling” Diet Pill? It’s simple, Phenterpril ACTUALLY works! With so many “miracle” diet pills that claim to help you lose tons of weight, there is only one thing you could expect, these diet pills are doomed to FAIL! There has not been one that has lived up to its claims! That is until NOW….

The ONLY way to you can know if a diet pill will actually work is if it contains CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS in CLINICALLY PROVEN AMOUNTS! Awarded the Top Diet Pill Ranking in safety and effectiveness, Phenterpril is the ONLY diet pill GUARANTEED to produce real weight loss results! Let us show you the results…

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Why is the Award Winning Diet pill Phenterpril so popular

Phenterpril improves thermogenic response leading to INCREASED fat burning!
Phenterpril targets satiety hormones suppressing appetites leading to lasting weight loss!
Phenterpril contains 8 Powerful Clinically Proven Ingredients in Clinically Proven Amounts!
Phenterpril is backed by its World Famous 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Phenterpril tips the caloric scale in your favor creating a favorable calorie ration and help you lose pounds of weight within DAYS! This means quicker weight loss results for you!

The Secret Behind Phenterpril?

The secret behind Phenterpril is in the form of Scientifically Proven Ingredients! Phenterpril has been engineered with 8 powerful clinically proven ingredients that work in synergy to have two pronged approach to weight loss:

1. Appetite suppression (decreasing your caloric and fat intake)

2. Boosting metabolism through improved thermogenic response (burning more fat through multiplying the calories burned).

Phenterpril tips the caloric scale in your favor creating a favorable calorie ration and help you lose pounds of weight within DAYS! This means quicker weight loss results for you!

Synephrine – Synephrine is one of the most powerful stimulant alternatives that have been shown to boost energy levels, suppress the appetite and increase the metabolism. Synephrine is shown to increase fat burning activity without the negative side effects associated with other stimulants. As an adrenergic amine, Synephrine stimulates the beta-3 receptors to increase the metabolic rate without affecting the heart rate or blood pressure.

Phenyl-ethylamine – Also known as PEA, Phenyl-ethylamine is derived from the amino acid phenylalanine and is natural found in chocolate. It helps to enhance the mood, increase alertness and raise motivation. As a stimulant, PEA has been shown to not only affect mood; it’s also shown to reduce the appetite. When used with proven weight loss ingredients, PEA elevates an individual’s weight loss potential.

L-Phenylalanine – As an amino acid, L-Phenylalanine is the key amino acid involved in the weight loss process. L-Phenylalanine acts as an appetite suppressant by promoting the release of a chemical that signals the stomach is full. As a natural compound, L-Phenylalanine is one of the safest and most effective weight loss ingredients available.

DiCaffeine Malate – DiCaffeine Malate, a combination of caffeine and Malic Acid, is one of the easiest forms of caffeine on the body. DiCaffeine Malate provides the weight loss benefits of caffeine in an easily digestable form. The caffeine ionically bonded to the malic acid increases levels of energy, raises thermogenesis within the body and increases concentration and mental focus.

Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine Anhydrous stimulates the central nervous system to help increase mental alertness and raise energy. When used in addition to regular exercise, Caffeine Anhydrous provides a boost for a longer, more complete workout. Caffeine penetrates the muscle to provide lasting energy while delaying muscle fatigue.

Raspberry Ketones – Raspberry Ketones are found naturally within raspberries and provide the fruity flavor. When ingested alone, they release key hormones critical to a healthy metabolism and hormones necessary to maintain a high level of energy. Current research has shown Raspberry Ketones support healthy weight loss and support energy production and calorie burning within the body.

Evodia Rutaecarpa – Evodia Rutaecarpa, a bioactive alkaloid extract derived from the Evodia Rutaecarpa plant, raises the body temperature to increase metabolic fat burning activity. Evodia Rutaecarpa also stimulates vanilloids to limit fat digestion and increase the natural fat burning process. This powerful all-natural herb has been shown to provide cleansing for the body in addition to the powerful fat burning benefits.

Guggulsterones 95% – In just 10 to 14 days the compounds in Guggulsterones help reduce body weight as they stimulate the thyroid. Guggulsterones do not stimulate the nervous system like caffeine, but focus on the thyroid. Thyroid hormones are crucial for weight loss as they control the metabolism and calorie-burning within the body. Guggulsterones safely stimulate the thyroid hormones to signal greater metabolism.

Phenterpril Testimonials

“Phenterpril is definitely my favorite diet pill I’ve tried. I tried Phetermine before, and though it worked, it always seemed to have side effects. Moreover, I had to go into the doctor’s office every so often to get him to renew my prescription, I had to pay high prices at the pharmacy, you get the idea. It was a pain. Phentermine only suppressed my appetite, still leaving me struggling with other areas of weight loss. However, Phenterpril seemed to provide more fat burning properties as well as providing me with extra energy. All in all, it helped me to lose weight more quickly and effectively than Phentermine ever did, and what’s better, I’ve had no trouble keeping the weight off.”

Joanne – Reno, NV

“I had a friend who used Phentermine, and while she saw results, she always complained about having to go to the doctor’s office to get her prescription renewed. Moreover, sometimes she would feel nervous and suffer from serious headaches and shakiness. To say the least, I was not impressed. So I started looking for something that would be just as effective, but without all the negative side effects. That was when I found Phenterpril. Phenterpril actually helped me to lose weight faster, and I never had to deal with side effects. After I was on Phenterpril for a month, I even got my friend to switch over, and she has never been happier.”

Dana – Intercourse, PA

My original goal was to lose 50 pounds. My family and friends all told me it would take forever, and I wouldn’t make it. Nice family and friends right? Anyway, I enlisted the help of a personal trainer as well as a nutritionist. The first month went fine, and I lost 10 pounds. But I thought that a good diet pill might increase my chances at success. I bought Phenterpril right off the bat, and the first month with Phenterpril, I lost 16 pounds. So needless to say, I was definitely impressed. It is now my second month taking Phenterpril, and the results just keep coming. Every day that I get closer to my goal, more of my acquaintances in general want to know what I’ve been doing, and I tell them. I got a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and Phenterpril.

Lisa – Bellevue, WA

I was getting ready for my cousin’s wedding as one of the bridesmaids, and about 2 months before the date, I found that my dress had become a little tight. One of my friends had taken Phenterpril and gave me a bottle she hadn’t used. I started using the elliptical at my gym every day, joined some classes, started eating better, took Phenterpril, and by the time the wedding came around, they had to adjust my dress, because it was too loose. After the wedding, I’ve continued to use Phenterpril and continued to lose weight. I’ve now lost 30 pounds, and I’m still going strong.

Skyler – Minneapolis , MN

I read online that a good motivation in weight loss was to make it a contest. So I got a few of my closest friends together, and we all made a bet on who could lose 25 pounds first. Beyond that, we could keep going. But whoever reached that goal first got $500 total, due to 10 people putting $50 each into the pot. About half of us decided to use diet pills, and the other half went the all natural way. I was the only one to use Phenterpril. I reached the 25 pound mark a full two weeks before anybody else! And I have now continued to use Phenterpril to lose more. In addition, some of the other 9 participants have decided to use it too, and they’ve seen the same success I did.

Kristen – Moab, UT

I started participating in a fighting program in my area, and ultimately, you have to get down to weight by weigh in, or you’re automatically disqualified. Usually they do it the day before, so you can actually pack on as much as you want before then. But I preferred to have more of my weight in muscle on a regular basis and just maintain a regular weight instead of bouncing up and down for every fight. So in order to get my muscle weight up and all possible fat down, I started using Phenterpril. Not only do I look better now. I feel better, and I don’t have to worry about manipulating my weight all the time like some other guys do.

Steve – Los Angeles , CA

Participating in some small photo shoots, I like to look my best. A few months ago, it wasn’t that I was looking fat, I just started to look softer than I would like. One of the photographers on set suggested I try Phenterpril. I deducted that he probably worked on a number of shoots and therefore had an idea of what worked and what didn’t. So I tried it. I became more defined in general, and my shots after that were better than before I gained the weight in the first place.

Trina – Lake Oswego , OR

Being a full time mom, any me time I had before went strait out the window. In general, my look got a bit messier than it had ever been, and I gained a few pounds, mainly from the pregnancy, but some afterward too that I couldn’t seem to get rid of. The celebrities I’ve seen who seem to get back to everything they had before a week after delivering, it’s not realistic. So about a year after, I searched out a number of diet pills and decided to try Phenterpril. I lost my baby weight and then some in a healthy, but efficient period of time. And moreover, being at the same weight I was before, I actually feel like I look better, if that’s possible.

Julie – Baker, LA


Q. Do I need a prescription for PHENTERPRIL?

A. No. PHENTERPRIL is safe and effective without a prescription.

Q. What is the recommended use for PHENTERPRIL?

A. Take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch with at least 12-16 ounces of water.

Q. How long does each bottle of Phenterpril last?

A. Each bottle of PHENTERPRIL contains 60 capusles which will last 1 month when taken as directed.

Q. How old do I have to be to use PHENTERPRIL?

A. You must be at least 18 years or older to order PHENTERPRIL.


A. Phentermine requires a prescription however all new Phenterpril is safe to take without the hassle of a prescription. No adverse effects have been reported when PHENTERPRIL is taken as directed. You should not take PHENTERPRIL if you are sensitive to stimulants.

Q. How much is PHENTERPRIL?

A. Phenterpril retails for $99.99 per bottle. Save up to $176.98 when you order 3 bottles.

Q. What is the Return Policy?

A. Every order is backed by the World’s Best 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. To qualify for a return, please return your ONE EMPTY BOTTLE after using the entire contents as directed for 30 days. Any opened bottle returned prior to 30 Days of the purchase date will not qualify for the refund. You must include any additional bottles you ordered in UNOPENED and RESALABLE condition to be issued a refund. Returned orders with more than a single bottle opened will not qualify for a refund. If your return is missing any bottles you ordered, you will not be eligible to receive a refund. Any bottles returned to us that do not fit the criteria listed above for a refund will be forfeited.

All returned packages must have received a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Please write RMA Number clearly on the shipping label for a refund. We will not be responsible for any lost packages. To obtain an RMA number please contact us directly at

Q. How much is Shipping and Handling?

A. S&H Fee is $7.99 USD within United States and addtional $8.00 USD (Total of $15.99) for International regardless of # of bottles you order.

Q. Is there anything else that I should know about PHENTERPRIL?

A. DO NOT use if seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place with lid tightly closed.

Q. Is it safe to use your online shopping cart?

A. Yes, our shopping cart is 100% secure and safe to use.