Phen375 claims that you will finally be able to lose 3-5 pounds per week by burning fat, increasing metabolism, and suppressing appetite. They claim that Phen375 will help you to get all the results you are looking for while not suffering the side effects and getting the highest quality formula possible.

But the question is, can they really beat out Phentermine? Many others have tried and failed, because obviously it’s a difficult enough task. But it is possible to succeed as we have seen with at least one formula known as Phenterpril.


This formula has one proven ingredient known as caffeine.

While extremely popular, it’s popular because at least for a time, it actually burns fat and creates a thermogenic effect within the body if used in the right amounts of course.



Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the proven amount of caffeine, and caffeine as we all know still causes quite a few side effects while everybody uses it.

They don’t use any other ingredients that are even slightly related to weight loss, and all in all, you would only be wasting your money. You are getting a glorified caffeine pill at best, and obviously this never works out in the long term, especially if you are expecting anything that you should pay more for.


  • We would not recommend using this formula.

It will not actually help you to lose any weight, and you would be wasting quite a bit of money to say the least. It’s actually more expensive than prescription Phentermine, and all you’re paying for is the caffeine you would find in a $1 bottle of Coke. So reasonably enough, you should choose something else.