Oral HCG Diet Solution

Oral HCG Diet Solution claims that you can lose weight and achieve greater results in general. They claim that Oral HCG Diet Solution will help you to avoid the shots while still getting the results of HCG and so on and so forth. They claim that this pregnancy hormone is the miracle you’ve been looking for.


There are no pros. There is no magic bullet, and generally speaking, pregnant women tend to gain weight


As Malcolm Gladwell puts it in Outliers, or at least in short words of how he put it, there are no miracles, there are no underdogs making it rich, you get the idea.

Oral HCG Diet Solution

Ultimately speaking, everything makes sense.

  • In this case, when you think about it, women tend to gain weight when they get pregnant and have a hard time getting that weight to come off.
  • So when you supplement a pregnancy hormone into the human body, whether artificial or not, it causes you to gain weight.
  • Now to combat this fact, they put you on a 500 calorie diet, because if you were on a 1200 calorie diet, a healthy diet, you would probably gain weight.
  • Realistically speaking, people tend to lose about 1 pound if they’re lucky per day.

At that rate, you should actually be losing far more than that. If you are at the weight most are when they find themselves willing to pay hundreds of dollars for this, you should definitely be losing multiple pounds per day.


We would not recommend using Oral HCG Diet Solutions. It does not help you to lose any weight or achieve any results in general. There are plenty of better products out there that will actually help you to achieve greater results, and they have proven mechanisms of action.

If anything, HCG is proven not to work while of course charging you hundreds of dollars to get you on an unhealthy diet that you cannot sustain. It seems a bit ridiculous right? Anyway, definitely try something else.