NV Beauty Pill

NV Beauty Pill is a well known substance advertised by Carmen Electra. Of course she is unlikely to have actually used it.

But they claim that it helps to improve your hair, skin, and nails while promoting weight loss and otherwise helping you to maintain a female figure and otherwise improve your life and status as a woman.

So the question becomes, do they actually give you results? Because obviously,Carmen Electra didn’t actually use it. Or at least she didn’t lose weight because of it and make some kind of amazing transformation.


It does have some of the right ingredients.

It has ingredients like collagen to improve the hair, skin, and nails as well as various other fat burning and weight loss ingredients that could give you the greater results that you are looking for.

NV Beauty Pill


They don’t have the right amounts. Even the collagen and other beauty ingredients are in a small proprietary blend not even hitting 100mg.

  • But of course we’re more concerned about the weight loss ingredients, none of which could realistically have their needs fulfilled were you just using 100mg. Of course, they don’t use the right amount of anything, just enough to cause caffeine related side effects.


  • We would not recommend using NV Beauty Pill.

It doesn’t show you the results you are looking for, and it won’t help you to lose weight. You would be better off using something else, just about anything else in fact to help you to truly get the results you are looking for instead of wasting your time on another junk product.