NutriVeda is apparently the weight loss solution of choice. They claim that NutriVeda will help you to actively speaking lose weight and see greater results in general. They talk about it being better for overall health because it uses amalaki and comes from a company called Zrii. Moreover, they talk about other benefits in general, mostly based on the company name from what we have seen.


They use a classic ingredient known as green tea. Now of course, green tea is common. But the simple fact is that many use it, because not only is it cheap, it is irrefutably scientifically proven. After all, when there are hundreds of positive studies out there, chances are they aren’t wrong.


This being said, there are prescriptions out there that don’t have this much to back them up. For example prescription Phentermine underwent a few select trials in the 1950′s to get FDA approval, and there have been no studies since.


All successful studies on green tea were conducted with 400mg doses or more.

  1. They don’t actually use this amount.
  2. Moreover, the other proven ingredients they have follow the same pattern, and half their ingredients aren’t really proven in the first place.
  3. All in all, this is obviously not a good thing.
  4. And the fact that one of their so called weight loss ingredients is actually an antiseptic/antibacterial does not say good things for them.
  5. It certainly tells you that they shouldn’t be charging anywhere near $80.


We would not recommend using NutriVeda. It will not promote greater weight loss results, and there are definitely better options out there. Frankly speaking, were you to set your price limit at $80, you could for sure find something. There have been individuals who have set their price limit at $40, half that, and still found effective and good products!

It’s just a matter of where you look. If you look however only in big names with big MLM companies, chances are you aren’t going to find what you should be looking for.