Nobody Needs Bariatric Surgery

The rates of bariatric surgery are skyrocketing in the recent society and with the recent rates of obesity in this country. There are many turning to this last alternative thinking that it’s the quick and easy way to weight loss, and when certain stars have turned to it, they have become hated in some ways, because they took the “easy” way out. Now I definitely don’t encourage gastric bypass. Frankly, it only restricts your appetite, and if that works for you, well obviously you could have lost weight on your own and without it. There are effective prescriptions that will be combined with counseling on behavior modifications. They can cause side effects in many cases, but they work. Doctors are required to counsel you on diet modification among other things to encourage greater success.

Chances are you don’t even like the side effects associated with many prescriptions. In answer to that there are plenty of over the counter diet pills that effectively suppress appetite, and they do it without side effects. In addition, there are those that can have extra benefits such as increased fat burning and otherwise, making them more effective than your average appetite suppressant.

But still people turn to bariatric surgery, because they have to lose weight, and it’s quite possible that they tried other diets before.

  1. But quite frankly, the motivation was not there.
  2. Doctors used to require patients to have literally tried everything else, but requirements are loosening, even though the rates of death on the table remain present.
  3. Frankly, gastric bypass is by no means easy, nor is it without its risks.
  4. One of the most common problems is the lack of proper absorption of nutrients into the body and therefore vitamin deficiencies.
  5. Therefore, you have to buy a good multivitamin.
  6. In addition, it is required that you undergo at least 6 months of therapy and behavior modification both for your future changes in lifestyle and for your mental health.
  7. Prescriptions require the same behavior modification therapy, but they generally don’t cause the same level of psychological damage in general terms.

In the first few months especially, people often don’t know what to eat. They have gotten to that point in part by eating too much of the wrong foods at the wrong times. So severely cutting down your intake will take a toll on just about anybody in all reality. It requires you to eat less, unless of course you want to throw up in this case, and the general health problems can be numerous. There are many complications even after the surgery incisions are healed that make it a hard process. In addition, if you don’t eat the right foods and exercise, just like with any other weight loss program, you will not lose weight and you may even gain weight back.

However, the biggest problem with many patients is the fact that some actually have mental issues and breakdowns.

There has been more than one case where a patient actually burst the stitches by eating more and more despite the fact that they were throwing up, despite the fact that it hurt, to the point of actually undoing the effect of the surgery.

It was too much psychological pressure, which is something surgeons and doctors are actually supposed to fully evaluate before even performing the surgery at all. But obviously, some fall through the cracks.

The big reality is that if you can succeed with gastric bypass surgery, you can succeed with another supplement whether prescription or over the counter.

  • It is no magical surgery that will suddenly burn more fat and help you to lose more weight.

It is combined with diet and exercise, and it only suppresses your appetite, just like many pills and frankly diets that you could easily put yourself on. The only difference is all the complications and side effects and the cost.