MX-LS7 is an Isatori product that claims to have improved upon the original Lean Systems 7. They claim that it gives those who are already using a good diet and exercise program that extra push they need to achieve greater perfection in general terms. It is the maximum strength fat burning revolution made especially for the male body to show ripped, shredded, and nothing short of amazing results.


They use some proven ingredients such as green tea, 7-keto, caffeine anhydrous, and synephrine to name a few. Some of their ingredients could burn fat and others could promote appetite suppression among other things. It just depends on which ingredient you’re talking about.



They don’t even begin to use the right amounts to produce greater results, and quite frankly it will produce negative side effects in general.

Unfortunately, there is no upside to this formula, and there is nothing male specific about it besides the fact that most weight loss and other studies in general have been conducted on male participants. Realistically speaking, most diet pills are ultimately engineered for men.

But if you are going to make male specific claims, you better have the formula including things like testosterone boosters to back it up.


We would not recommend using MX-LS7. There is nothing more powerful or extreme about it except for the side effects. It will not give you the results you are looking for, and it goes without saying that you could find something better. MX-LS7 is lacking and other products could easily outdo it by using just one right ingredient in the right amount. It comes from a big company yes, but that’s about all it has to its name.