Meridia is a prescription medication meant to suppress the appetite by working on the control center of the brain. It has been traditionally combined with a good diet and exercise program meant to help patients to lose weight and maintain this weight loss for up to 2 years at a time ideally speaking. They generally provide 10mg doses for each use.


It is a proven prescription medication that has actually been shown in studies to promote weight loss rather than focusing on other benefits like Xenical does.

You have to diet and exercise, and they stress that fact with any diet pill.

But ideally speaking, Meridia will make it easier and give you greater results .



Meridia does come with quite a few side effects which is why it’s a prescription rather than an over the counter drug. They can make more money with prescriptions.

But they are also allowed to take greater risks, and quite frankly they always do take greater risks, and frankly you can get an appetite suppressant that is just as effective if not more so without any side effects.


We would not recommend using Meridia. There are quite a few things lacking about it to say the least, and it won’t really give you the results in general that you are looking for. Meridia is a controlled substance, and quite frankly though these work, they do not come without a cost, and the question you have to ask yourself is if the cost is worth it. We don’t think so.