Mega T Green Tea

Among the most popular of green tea based products, Mega T Green Tea claims thatthey now provide a chewing gum in addition to their pills and various other forms to help you “lose up to 20 pounds.

” They claim that it is that easy, it will burn fat, and with chewing gum, some have suggested that you could naturally suppress appetite, even with normal gum. And of course, they are based on green tea, the most popular ingredient in the diet industry. They were actually one of the pioneers, one of the first to really take advantage of the hype.


They use some proven ingredients. Obviously, green tea is a proven thermogenic fat burner when used in the right amounts as well as a powerful antioxidant. They also use ingredients such as garcinia cambogia to back it up.

Mega T Green Tea


Unfortunately, they don’t actually use the right amounts, and their other ingredients are those such as bladderwrack and gotu kola that have nothing to do with weight loss.

In addition, guarana only works when combined with damiana and yerba mate. But they forgot about the other two ingredients in all truth. It is likely to cause various side effects related to caffeine.


They claim to have a green tea formula, and yet they only use 90mg green tea rather than the minimum required 400mg. They don’t really use anything else that would promote greater weight loss, especially not in the small amounts they use. We would recommend staying away from this formula.