Mega T Green Tea With Acai

Mega T Green Tea With Acai is supposed to be the ultimate formula for all of your needs. They claim that you can lose weight and achieve the better results you are looking for without all the hassle that you may have grown accustomed to.

This being said, they focus on many popular and well known TV type ingredients. Of course, Mega T in general is known for claiming that you can lose 20 pounds fast, or up to 20 pounds fast. But what is fast for them? And how much does green tea really do?


Mega T Green Tea With Acai obviously has green tea.

Green tea has been proven over and over to promote fat burning and weight loss in amounts of 400mg or more.

Mega T Green Tea With Acai


They don’t actually use that 400mg, and moreover most of their other ingredients are wasted. Yes, green coffee bean could work. But you really shouldn’t be focusing on two types of caffeine at the expense of any other valid ingredients as a whole.

This being said, most have attracted media attraction, but not real research. They focus mostly on hype unfortunately, not substantiated facts using the two most popularly known ingredients in the media, which in one case does not promote weight loss and in the other case, they don’t bother using the right amounts.


  • We would not recommend using Mega T Green Tea With Acai.

There are only so many ways to say that it’s a waste of time and money. There are various other options out there, and frankly even other cheap ones are often better than this. They at least begin to imitate a good diet pill by using more than one good ingredient.