Low Calorie Foods

We all know that calories are the culprit for every single pound that we’ve ever gained, but what we don’t really know is how many of those calories are coming from our favorite foods.

Our bodies have evolved from thousands of years where food was scarce and we relied on efficient bodily processes to keep us alive through the lean months.

This is precisely why we find ourselves craving foods high in fat and sugar, because we have been genetically engineered to be attracted to the foods that will give us the most energy in the littlest quantities.

However, the past hundred years has brought us something that only a few of our species has ever encountered: a nearly unlimited food supply. Paradoxically, this large food supply has started killing us with rising obesity rates and heart disease.
But we don’t have to succumb to our instinctual attraction to these high-calorie foods.

We’ve compiled some tips that will help you consume more low-calorie foods:

Low Calorie Food

Avoid the middle of the grocery store

  • This is usually where all the processed, calorie-laden foods are.

Instead, you should stay on the peripheries where the produce, dairy, and unprepared meats are; these are the foods that will provide you essential nutrients without all the extra calories.

Center your meal around fruits and vegetables

  • Rather than preparing your meal and then looking for a way to incorporate some fruits and vegetables, plan your entire meal around what is in the crisper.

You’ll find that you are actually eating your produce instead of throwing it away. Also, you’ll fill your stomach with foods that have about ¼ the calories as starches or fats.

Use exotic spices

  • Most of us have grown up with parents that relied on things like butter and salt to season our food, but we don’t have to waste those calories any longer.

When you boil your vegetables sprinkle them with lemon pepper instead of dousing them in butter. And fill your salads with flavorful ingredients like onions and berries so that you won’t have to drown it in dressing to give it flavor.

Cook at home

You’ve heard it a thousand times: eating out is bad for you. But you need to listen. Restaurants are notorious for packing their dishes full of flavorful fats and cheeses because they’re more concerned about getting you to come back in for the next date night, rather than if you live to see your 50th anniversary.

This can seem like a big adjustment, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from keeping a healthy lifestyle.

If you feel like you need a little something extra to achieve your ideal weight, you can also add a weight loss supplement to your daily routine.

Cook at home