Lipozene is advertised on TV and apparently it’s “clinically proven to reduce body fat.” Obesity Research Institute LLC manufacturers it, and they claim it uses glucomannan to promote a general feeling of fullness and give you results without a lot of lifestyle changes or struggling in general to change your body and the way it functions in general terms. And while glucomannan is an effective ingredient, you still have to wonder if they really come through.



They do use glucomannan, which requires about 1000mg,.

So this means that it could promote greater appetite suppressing effects and otherwise help you to lose more weight than you would with diet and exercise alone or without struggling through a diet.



Glucomannan is just an appetite suppressant. You could expect to lose about 5.5 pounds over 8 weeks, which isn’t that much for many, and quite frankly the weight won’t be fat. Despite their claims, there are no clinical studies that would indicate that glucomannan would burn fat or otherwise promote fat loss in general.

We suspect most of that 1500mg is not glucomannan, but rather fillers, meaning you wouldn’t actually get the advertised results or anywhere near it.

They use a proprietary blend for just one ingredient! They just think that if the weight loss is slower, you will assume it’s fat.


  • Lipozene is not a product we would recommend.

It has one proven ingredient, but they can’t even seem to get their basic facts right. This would indicate that they might also be misleading you about the formula in general, and it may not actually have the right amounts at all. It would be inadvisable to use this product that really doesn’t give you anything of value.