Generally speaking, a fat blocker is advertised to be used as needed for big parties, events, and times when you plan to cheat essentially speaking to relieve feelings of guilt. However, in reality, a carb blocker should be used with a low carb diet and a fat blocker with a low fat diet.

Liposeduction claims to be more, also blocking carbs and suppressing your appetite and helping you to lose up to 15 pounds in 30 days using their specialized program. This sounds all natural, and they claim that it is completely stimulant as well as being side effect free. This all sounds appealing of course. But does it actually pan out?


They have 3 proven ingredients: one fat blocker, one carb blocker, and one appetite suppressant. They use significant amounts of all of these ingredients, and they can therefore give you even greater results than you would have seen on your own.


These ingredients will work naturally and they have been shown to produce results at any time of use.

And unlike Alli, of course, it has more than one mechanism of action, and it doesn’t have the harsh side effects.

It does however interestingly enough have more clinical studies that show actual weight loss results as opposed to those of Alli that suggest that it is actually holding you back and lessening your weight loss results ironically enough.


  • If you eat too much fat, your defecations could be quite slimy.


  • We would definitely recommend checking out Liposeduction.

It’s a dependable formula without stimulantsand frankly it helps you to regulate the problems when you happen to cheat or otherwise it helps you to lose more weight than you would with diet and exercise alone. It is not an extremely powerful fat burner or anything. But it could potentially work in its own way.