Liporidex is supposed to be the ultimate way to lose weight without the struggle and without the side effects. They even claim that it will improve your skin, reduce aging, and promote a healthier immune system.

This being said, they make various other claims about its potential benefits and otherwise. There are a number of products emerging with these types of claims. The only question is as to whether or not they actually come through, whether or not they are at all legitimate.


This formula has some proven ingredients. For example, they have green tea, literally the most popular and most studied ingredient in the weight loss industry. They also use citrus aurantium, which has been suggested to be the ultimate alternative to ephedrine without the same severity of side effects.



This formula has caffeine, despite what they may claim. So you could still suffer some side effects.

Now we would say that the results could offset this. But while every major clinical study that has been successful on green tea has used 400mg or more, they don’t disclose their amounts, meaning that it will not actually do anything!

They don’t have the right amounts of anything, causing side effects, but never actually benefits.


In short, we would definitely recommend that you find something else. It really lacks the amounts you would actually need to see results and many of the ingredients that you could use to see results. This formula is weak at best and even worse than some other scam products, which is saying a lot unfortunately.