Lipo 6

Lipo 6 is produced by Nutrex, and it is marketed toward bodybuilders. Apparently, it’s supposed to give you fast and extreme results in fat burning, absorption, strength, and controlling your appetite .

You just have to take 2 capsules 30 minutes before 2 meals, preferably breakfast and lunch to apparently get the results that you want. But does Lipo 6 actually work? Is it the revolutionary and popular product that you want?


They use valid ingredients such as synephrine, guggulsterones, caffeine anhydrous, and bioperine.

These could all promote greater weight loss results if used in the right amounts.

They could burn fat, build lean muscle mass, and otherwise give you greater benefits.

Lipo 6


They don’t give a full ingredients list, and honestly speaking, they don’t have the right amounts of the ingredients they do list. This is not unusual by any means.

Many big companies rely on their names, only using small proprietary blends that do not give you any results. There are no appetite suppressants, and most of their ingredients are caffeine based. So those will cause side effects, as will yohimbine being associated with heart attack, stroke, and renal failure which is not related to weight loss in any way at this time.


  • We would not recommend Lipo 6.

The risk is by no means acceptable, especially with the fact that it doesn’t actually work. Lipo 6 will have you suffering without actually losing weight, unless of course you lose weight from vomiting and not eating in general, which is not a good thing when it’s not for the right reasons. We would strongly recommend that you find something else.