Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia

Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia has been a recently popular product that has emerged based on one and only one ingredient.

They keep it simple to be sure, and they claim that by doing this, they can burn fat and help you to quickly lose weight by manipulating the way that ultimately speaking your body works. The only question is, do they actually come through or is this just another scam meant to take your money?


Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia has a good ingredient. It is a new ingredient called irvingia gabonesis. But it’s not as new as you might think. There have been studies and other valid benefits for a while. However, it’s just the fact that most of the diet pill market has failed to pay attention to it. This being said, it is relatively undiscovered or has been except by scientists, which is unfortunate really.

Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia


As with many other companies, judging by the label, it seems that they do not actually use the right amounts to actually achieve greater weight loss results. Unfortunately, this denotes a certain lack of results.


  • We would not recommend relying on Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia for miracles. It doesn’t have that capacity.

We have seen reports of modest and yet still effective results. However, that is not the question. The question is whether it will work at all. This being said, we think that Life Extension Integra-Lean Irvingia could actually work. It’s just a question of what kind of results you are looking for.