Is Obesity Genetic?

Love them or hate them, if you are female, you are ultimately going to have some kind of breasts. Well if you exercise like a maniac and as an athlete, they generally go away as they are the first thing to go when you go anorexic. But frankly, I don’t particularly care for them, I’m not all that attached to them, in part because I associate them with weight gain. In most cases I’ve seen you gain weight they get bigger, and when you lose weight for most of us they get smaller.

Generally they develop during puberty, and over a summer you can see some girls going from nothing to a size DD, which is not common, but still.

They generally grow in the teen years. But as I’ve discovered recently, they can even grow into your 20’s, but apparently they shrink to some degree once you hit your 30’s.

Yes, genetically and physically speaking it is made up of fatty tissue and some have a genetic predisposition to larger sizes. It’s all apparently hereditary. Your gaining fat or losing fat has nothing to do with it. So in a way, I’m at the point where it’s frustrating because it’s almost like you literally have no control over it.