Irvingia Plus

Irvingia Plus is a newly introduced product growing in popularity by the second. They focus on an ingredient not really seen before, and they are doing a good job in their advertising. We will give them that. After all, who doesn’t want to hear that they don’t have to diet anymore, even if it’s not true? Ideally you change your lifestyle, which turns into not technically “dieting.” But not everybody quite understand that, and they don’t really attempt to correct that thought pattern.


They do have great ingredients. We don’t hesitate to recommend their ingredients if used in the right amounts. Honestly speaking, ingredients like irvingia gabonesis may be less recognized than ingredients like hoodia, which does not work, and green tea, which has been through hundreds of positive studies. But it can promote great results, far more results than some of the hyped ones in fact. And they have some of the better known ingredients like green tea.

Irvingia Plus


They seem to have realistically speaking only small amounts unfortunately of said ingredients.

  • This means that you will not necessarily see the results that could ideally be promised.

And their advertising of not dieting without specifying lifestyle changes is obviously not credible.


Without credible advertising, well nobody really sticks to the truth it seems. However, they have strong ingredients, and while their amounts don’t seem up to par, we have had some who would seriously beg to differ with us on that thought. So we secede to customer reviews and we say that Irvingia Plus may actually have a chance.

We evaluate on an individual basis as far as users. But it has the potential to not realistically speaking be all that bad.