Hydroxycut products have been quite popular through the ages.

They have created quite a few options, starting with one based on ephedrine. of course, they were forced to reformulate with everybody else. But they came out strong, creating first one and then more than 20 products to take up the slack. They now have products that range from cleansers to fat burners to stimulant free to appetite suppressants.

Hydroxycut has been one of the most diversified options on the market in terms of weight loss brands. But does Hydroxycut actually have what it takes to promote real weight loss results?


  • Hydroxycut has a long history in the weight loss industry.


14 major Hydroxycut products were officially recalled in January of 2009. Earlier on, there were multiple reports of serious side effects. It all came to a head when an 18 year old boy died of liver failure.


And before you think that he must’ve been abusing the pills, it doesn’t happen that quickly. People spend their entire lives abusing hard alcohol in order to suffer the liver damage that he suffered before dying at the age of just 18. So obviously, this is a little bit more serious than your average.

This being said, the FDA released an official warning against Hydroxycut, and Hydroxycut pulled 14 of its main formulas. These formulas were never particularly effective. But they have now replaced them with formulas mostly made up of fruits and other ingredients that do not promote weight loss in any amount.


  1. We would not recommend using Hydroxycut products.
  2. Yes, some have been spared or reintroduced.
  3. But obviously, there is a serious problem. Hydroxycut is dangerous.

It was dangerous when they used ephedrine, they apaprently chose to hide some of their ingredients, and even now you cannot be sure that they have learned their lesson. In fact, you can be sure that they have not. We would definitely recommend finding something else.