Hoodiadrene claims that you will see all the results you want and need. They claim that Hoodiadrene is the most powerful appetitesuppressant/fat burner/muscle builder on any market, helping you to get everything you want and need.

They talk about all the supposedly revolutionary ingredients in general including hoodia of course along with an ingredient known as Advantra-z, which is often used as an ephedrine alternative. Of course, Hoodiadrene is almost a mirror image of several other products you may see floating around. But the biggest question is, does it work?


This formula has some proven ingredients including green tea and advantra-z. Advantra-z has actually been proposed as an alternative to ephedrine, and more than that, green tea literally has more studies than any other ingredient you will find on the weight loss market.



Those are their only weight loss ingredient, and they don’t have the right amounts of those. Advantra-Z requires just 250mg and green tea 400mg, and they don’t bother to put in the effort.

But outside of that, most of the ingredients are either vitamins or preservatives, obviously neither of which promote weight loss results. They have some antioxidants that can have other benefits.

But weight loss is not among those benefits, and obviously with so few, you won’t get those benefits either.


  • We would highly recommend against this particular product.

It will not help you to lose any weight, and you will just end up getting ripped off effectively speaking. This product has all of two proven weight loss ingredients, and they don’t even bother using the right amounts. You would only waste time and money on common preservatives essentially speaking with this formula.