Hoodia 90

Hoodia 90 is made using 2400mg hoodia in a daily dose and a large 90 count bottle according to reports. It is advertised on TV and will apparently suppress your appetite with a stimulant free and jitter free formula. Generally speaking, appetite suppressants tend to be stimulant free. They claim that no diet will work if you are left hungry. But the important thing is that they give you 3 pills per day instead of 2 so that you can use it with 3 meals per day instead of 2.


Hoodia 90 has the right idea. Suppressing appetite without stimulants or side effects is not a bad idea. Moreover, taking one before all 3 meals instead of just 2 will give you greater control, which they allow for with a 90 count bottle.

Hoodia 90


The concept of 90 pills isn’t new and it isn’t original.

  1. Various others have used it.
  2. Moreover, to be quite frankhoodia is illegal to export from South Africa, and even if it weren’t, every study conducted up to this point has shown that it does not suppress appetite or show any benefits.
  3. It has been suggested however that it might actually cause liver damage.
  4. The important factor however would be the fact that they have proven that hoodia has no known benefits.


  • We would not recommend buying Hoodia 90.

They don’t disclose ingredients, because it’s illegal to export hoodia. So that really remains a mystery. All in all, we suspect it might be harmful to the body in general with fillers and otherwise that would hurt you. But we do know that this formula certainly won’t provide results.