High Fructose Corn Syrup

They talk about high fructose corn syrup as being natural and otherwise. But there are a lot of advertisements from major food companies, and to some degree their claims of course have to be true. But they don’t have to be completely true in the way you would naturally think about it. This being said, for example corn syrup does technically come from corn.

So when you think about it that way, it could have some potentially healthy benefits.

But the truth is that it’s so processed and so otherwise that you lack the benefits that you would normally associate with corn.

Moreover, this type of syrup actually comes with all the bad types of sugar that turn into fat over time.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

It is basically heated and also produces a toxin called HMF, which is basically thought to increase illness in bees who are exposed to it and likewise the humans who happen to be exposed to it.

This being said, it has been studied to some degree, and they still have more studies to do.

But accordingly with the research and studies they have already done, it appears that this is high in HMF and highly detrimental and harmful to the human subject and human body not only in weight gain, but in other various ways.