Healthy Snacks

The fact is that parents control a lot when their children are young, in that sense actually teaching them effective methods and habits for the future just by example and what they do.

Right now, my cousin I see is teaching her kid the same habits she grew up with being picky to the point of really only eating junk food like that from McDonalds.

My aunt and uncle were always more diversified in their foods, but my aunt was never really one to make them eat foods that were good for them even though they didn’t like them when they were 5.

She is now more worried about it because she has her first grandchild and really doesn’t want him to have the same eating habits and lack of diversity as his mom and uncles and aunts. So one of the best ways is to make healthy treats for your kids and make them more appealing to a child.

Healthy Snacks

My mom did this. We didn’t like apples, because kids really don’t think about actually trying it. But when she put a little bit of peanut butter on them which has good fatty acids and protein as well as slicing little tiny bunny ears on them, we thought they were great.

Yes, a child’s mind is highly pliable. She did little things like that with other foods as well as incorporating them into other dishes we liked in general. Just making simple changes like this can really make a difference in your child’s diet future when they are making the decisions for themselves.