HCG Platinum

For fast weight loss for both men and women alike, HCG Platinum is the key to your success, helping you to lose up to 1 pound every day in all natural weight loss! It is safe and simple, and while exercise is certainly recommended, it is not required.

This sounds quite a bit like the magic bullet claim. And frankly, even with just diet or just exercise, many have found that they cannot sustain the results. Even athletes have a specific diet plan. They don’t work for the average citizen. But success isALWAYS diet and exercise combined. HCG Platinum is made up of USP inspected raw grade materials of only the purest grade available. It is processed according to good manufacturing practices in the FDA approved labs of the United States of America. But does HCG Platinum actually work?

The Helpful


HCG Platinum does not have side effects that we have seen.

They provide a simple droplet that has relatively innocuous and safe ingredients.

HCG Platinum

The Damage Report

  • HCG Platinum claims to use artificial HCG.

The side effects of this ingredient are unknown, and we have heard reports of nausea, vertigo, and other things that have been sometimes associated with morning sickness. Of course, it affects different people in different ways, and many of those experiencing extreme problems had other related medical conditions.

But HCG Platinum does not really have HCG anyway. It uses homeopathic approaches, which equals out to they only use water. Any active ingredients have been so far diluted as to be completely absent. They have amino acids supposedly that can feed the muscles. But even if they were actually there, they would not actually promote muscle building, fat burning, etc.

Does HCG Platinum Work?

  • We would say that HCG Platinum will never actually work. It will not give you the results that you are looking for.

Unfortunately, when it comes to HCG Platinum, you will find that the only reason that you may lose weight is because they put you on a starvation diet. Homeopathy guarantees that you will not actually achieve greater results. But using HCG also ensures that you will not actually see results.