Green Tea Fat Burner

The Green Tea Fat Burner by Applied Nutrition sells through multiple third party retailers, the biggest possibly being GNC. It generally sells for about $39.99, and they claim that it will maximize your thermogenic effect with just 2 soft gels in the morning, and they claim it is clinically proven to burn more calories.

They focus quite a bit on the antioxidants.Of course, green tea is known for its EGCG or antioxidant related benefits. But the question is, do they have enough caffeine to burn fat? It’s not the antioxidants promoting weight loss.


Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants can kill off free radicals, and the fact that green tea also typically has caffeine is what makes it a fat burner. They have 400mg as is required.

Green Tea Fat Burner


They essentially speaking use 2% caffeine green tea.

  1. You need at least 50% in order to achieve any weight loss benefits, and that’s also assuming that you are getting at least 400mg.
  2. This helps you to avoid those side effects.
  3. But the simple fact is that quite frankly speaking, they negate this by then using 160mg of caffeine.
  4. Unfortunately, without the original needed amount of caffeine in the green tea however, it is incapable of producing a fat burning effect.


This product fails to measure up in every way and in every form to say the least. You will not actually see the results you are looking for or otherwise. You will just see problems and side effects. We would not recommend this product. You will just be wasting your time while still suffering side effects.