Goji Active

Goji Active talks about all possible benefits with their particular formula. They claim that you will see results almost immediately, and best results are seen if you order a 4-6 month supply right then. This being said, apparently it will boost immune function, increase energy, and improve circulation as well for all the greater benefits you need. But the question is, does Goji Active really have all of the greater benefits that they would refer to?


This formula has goji, which could ideally give you certain antioxidant benefits. Likewise, it has green tea and caffeine, which are proven fat burners. Frankly speaking, in the right amounts of 400mg each, these could provide various benefits that you should be looking for.

Goji Active


They don’t actually have the 400mg of each.

  1. They have instead about 200mg of each.
  2. This is half of the required amounts for weight loss results!
  3. On top of that, everybody uses these ingredients, and most use the same small amount that you will find in Goji Active, meaning there’s nothing even different about it.
  4. With this in mind, goji, their main ingredient, does not even promote weight loss in the first place, nor does their other ingredient, l-theanine.

These ingredients are not up to par at all. But it’s just another scam. So what do you really expect?


  • We would not recommend using Goji Active.

It will not promote the weight loss results you are looking for, and you would realistically speaking just be wasting more time and money on something that isn’t worth any of it.There are other products out there such as our top choices, and we would highly recommend that you go there.