Garden Greens AcaiSlim Acai Berry Smoothie

If you are looking for the best way to replace a meal with a shake and lose weight, Garden Greens AcaiSlim Acai Berry Smoothie claims to be it. They say that you can ultimately speaking make the choice, speed up your natural metabolism, decrease appetite, feel full faster and for a longer period of time, and all with one tasty shake based on the antioxidant power of acai. But we’ve seen plenty of acai based scams before. Is this any different?


This formula has green tea and bitter orange extract. These two ingredients have been proven to burn fat, increase metabolism, in the case of bitter orange extract suppress appetite, and give you more energy for greater results as a whole.

Garden Greens AcaiSlim Acai Berry Smoothie


They have 210mg to cover all of their supposed fat burning ingredients.

  • Green tea alone requires 400mg, bitter orange alone requires at least 250mg, and those are actually their only two fat burning ingredients. Guarana has been hyped to some degree.
  • But it never burns fat, and without damiana and yerba mate, it has no effect at all.
  • This being said, the other ingredients are either blood sugar regulators or they have no relation to weight loss at all.


We would not recommend using Garden Greens AcaiSlim Acai Berry Smoothie. It will not work. It will not help you to achieve weight loss or anything else for that matter. There are plenty of other products out there that are considerably better to say the least, and we would highly recommend that you look into those instead.