Fucothin is a popular weight loss formula that is apparently the “#1 selling product in the Natural Products Industry.” It is a caffeine and stimulant free thermogenic fat burner, and they claim that there are no side effects. It is currently the only product largely based on fucoxanthin, a new seaweed based ingredient. But does it work? There are stimulant free fat burners out there. But many are not necessarily familiar with the specifics of the idea.


Fucoxanthin has been shown in a few different studies now to promote thermogenic effects, and it really has no caffeine or other side effects as far as many have seen. It can be found through various outlets, and the price seems descent generally speaking.



Fucoxanthin has been studied in rats, not humans.

Unfortunately, rats often fail to replicate the results seen in their human counterparts. In addition, all studies were conducted by the same exact team, meaning obviouslyothers have for whatever reason not replicated the study.

It points to serious bias. In addition, actually the maker of Fucothin, Jordan S Rubin, has been charged again and again by the FTC with false advertising and otherwise, and yet of course he never seems to learn anything from it.


  • This is just another product of Rubin’s that is a scam.

He has never made a reputable or effective product in his life for any area of health or otherwise. You will not see any greater results with this formula, and you would truly be better off buying something else, in fact just about anything else.