FDA Recalls Supplements Containing Aromatase Inhibitors

The FDA has released a statement recalling a number of different products containing aromatase inhibitors. All recalls are to some degree, voluntary on the part of the manufacturing companies. And most of these products were discontinued approximately 1 year or more before the recalls. But they say that now, they are being recalled due to serious dangers, side effects, etc that were previously reported, but largely in limbo.

Uses For Aromatase Inhibitors

It should be noted that the only products recalled were over the counter supplements. Aromatase inhibitors are still entirely legal, and they are commonly used in post menopausal women with breast and ovarian cancer.

They are used to inhibit the production of estrogen in the body, and by doing this, they have also been known to increase natural testosterone production, which is why natural muscle building supplements have used them.

They increase natural testosterone levels by up to 30%! But in women with cancer, they have been extremely successful and well liked.

Why Did The FDA Recall Aromatase Inhibitors?

While the FDA still allows aromatase inhibitors to be used in women with certain kinds of cancers, use in natural supplements has been banned, and multiple products have been recalled.

While many natural supplements have not been proven, the FDA has deemed aromatase inhibitors unqualified to be defined as supplement ingredients.

They did this because of all of the side effects.

While some like hot flashes are common among postmenopausal women, and they are almost expected just as for example extra hair growth might be. But things like liver damage, kidney damage, extremely high cholesterol levels, and breakdown of the bone and joints are not considered to be “normal” or acceptable for that matter.

And while prescriptions for cancer treatment are regulated and doctors assess the total health of the patient, obviously that is not applied in the use of natural supplements.