EST Spirodrene

EST Spirodrene pushes the popularity of a product they promise to produce major results. EST Spirodrene is the ever convenient one-a-day pharmaceutical diet pill. It will help you to support thyroid function and magically promote better metabolism, fat burning, and weight loss results.

The Thyroid

We find this to be an important point to make. If you don’t live in a third world country and you happen to have a serious thyroid disorder, you are an unlucky part of maybe 1% of the population, and you are probably on medication. In this case it is genetic. But outside of those with unfortunate genetics, iodine deficiency is unlikely due to all of the iodine supplementation in just about any food you eat. It has virtually nothing to do with weight loss, except in these extreme cases.

EST Spirodrene

What We Like About EST Spirodrene

EST Spirodrene has a number of valid and positive weight loss ingredients. Most are based on or they are some kind of caffeine. But some of them also have other ingredients such as antioxidants, which can show better results.

What Is Synephrine?

  1. We take special notice of one ingredient, synephrine.
  2. If you’ve read any publications or watched TV, you probably know what this is.
  3. It’s the chemical cousin of and what they call the replacement for ephedra.
  4. It can burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy just like ephedra.
  5. But it is supposed to come without the nastier side effects.
  6. The use of this ingredient is common, but nonetheless potentially exceptional.

What We Don’t Like About EST Spirodrene

EST Spirodrene has only a proprietary blend to cover all of these ingredients. They have quite a few ingredients put into 5800mg. In theory, this could be enough to give you the right amounts. But they don’t use a proprietary blend to protect a great formula. They do it to hide the fact that they only have insufficient amounts while still causing side effects.

A little about yohimbine

  • Yohimbine is another ingredient to take notice of, but not for the great reasons that we take notice of synephrine.

Yohimbine is a natural aphrodisiac used to treat ED in men. It can be used in doses ranging from 3 to 10mg. But even in these small doses, while it does not promote weight loss results, it has been connected to heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and kidney damage.

Does EST Spirodrene Work?

  • EST Spirodrene makes appealing and promising claims about exactly how their product works.

They say that it even treats a rare medical disorder. But EST Spirodrene simply does not have what it takes. And we would recommend that you find something else.